Data Scientist (NLP, Deep Learning, Text Analytics)

at Thinkcol in Hong Kong

Company Background:

Thinkcol.AI is a startup company that focuses on developing self-service Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) applications to empower enterprises to create more personalized interactions between brand and customers. With clients including internationally-recognized companies, Thinkcol.AI has been recognized as a leader in machine learning in Hong Kong. 
Later this year, we will be launching a self-service NLP platform that will be the first of its kind in the A.I. space. We are currently looking for a passionate data scientist with research experience in the area of deep learning/NLP to join our team to improve and build upon our intellectual property portfolio and witness this record-breaking event. 

Roles and Responsibilities: 
Working as part of the research and development (R&D) team, the qualified applicant will play a key role in the design and implementation of the latest NLP/deep learning practice techniques into our platform. You will be given access to our comprehensive database of unstructured data, which includes customer-agent dialogues and social media conversations in multiple languages from all across the world. 

Key Responsibilities include: 
• Working together with our growing team of developers, database administrators, UI.UX designers, linguistic experts, and data scientists 
• Assisting in the research, design, and implementation of NLP/Deep Learning/Machine Learning techniques into our platform
• Providing assistance with model implementation and integration at all levels of the data pipeline
• Sharing with the internal team your experience and knowledge of the latest practices in deep learning and natural language processing
• Creating language agnostic models that cater to multiple languages including but not limited to: Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, and English
• Working with customers to help them understand algorithm requirements and delivering them the high-quality solutions they are looking for
Essential Skills & Experience
• Bachelor’s degree (preferably in Computer Science); Masters preferred
• 2+ years of experience in NLP/machine learning/Deep Learning research and development
• Expertise with deep learning frameworks and methods such as Tensorflow and LSTM is a must
• Fluency in Python is a must
• Experience with NLP techniques such as POS, Tokenization, and Entity Extraction is a must
• Knowledge in Natural Language Process methods such as (NLTK, CoreNLP, Gensim, Spacy, etc.)
• Knowledge in building data solution for questioning answering/dialog system is a plus  
• Knowledge in Linux/Bash scripting Relational databases (Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc) is a plus
• 1-3 years of modern, objective-oriented, or functional programming experience is preferred

Please Note: Participants without a GitHub portfolio reference in their resume will not be considered for an interview

What We Offer:
In addition to a competitive salary package with benefits, the chosen applicant will be given opportunities (6 months after the probationary period) for potential equity and revenue sharing upon meeting pre-determined achievement milestones. 

ThinkCol is also interested in your professional development. There will be opportunities to work on independent projects and/or self-study once a week (contingent on outstanding workload). Additionally, we will also reimburse you for enrolling in educational opportunities that enrich your knowledge in deep learning/machine learning/NLP.
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Published on 12-04-2018
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