Technical Entrepreneur

at Crowd Valley (Anywhere)

With customers from six different continents, Crowd Valley is a service provider for crowdfunding, P2P lending and alternative asset marketplaces. We provide technology platforms, back office services and a global ecosystem of partners to customers, that range from new crowdfunding firms to securities professionals.

We are looking for talented, motivated and entrepreneurial individuals to grow with us and help us realize our vision: catalyze a paradigm shift in the financial industry. We believe in letting crowdfunding and other online investing models transform the industry into a more effective ecosystem with fewer middlemen, with greater inclination towards democracy, transparency and direct participation.

In particular we are looking for highly talented and achievement-driven technical professional to join our team. Upon proven fit, the role can evolve substantially into the company.

Be advised, Crowd Valley does not offer any traditional working positions and we absolutely value entrepreneurial commitment and those skills associated to pioneering a new, global market. If you don’t like routine and are looking for some adventure, this is the right place for you..

Quick, motivated, able to work independently and own the outcome of a project.
Excellent written and verbal communication; unafraid to ask questions.
Passion for learning: ability, willingness and drive to learn new concepts and tools.
Strong knowledge of PHP / Symfony
Comfortable in a collaborative environment and tools such as InVision, Trello, and Podio.
A network in the financial services industry and other securities markets would be advantageous.

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Published on 04-03-2014
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