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Conifer Research is looking for an ethnographer to support qualitative research studies that aim to understand the deep insight into consumer experiences. Serious applicants must have a strong background in qualitative social science research, be fluent in Mandarin, and have previous experience with Chinese business clients. Candidates should also be flexible, curious, and prepared to travel. The ideal candidate thrives in a collaborative atmosphere and enjoys experimenting with different working styles, research methods, and technologies. This person will work in teams of social scientists and designers to create and execute all aspects of the ethnographic process.

Position responsibilities

Support research teams in the planning and design of qualitative research studies including screening, recruiting, and developing field instruments.

Conduct fieldwork in a variety of locations, both nationally and internationally, utilizing an array of ethnographic techniques and best practices.

Capture fieldwork data using video and still cameras and audio recording equipment.

Transcribe, code, and analyze qualitative research data to identify patterns and build insights.

Contribute to research presentations and reports utilizing a variety of narrative and visual storytelling techniques including models and frameworks.

Learn to create videos, employing a variety of visual styles that convey to clients the richness of user stories, behavior and experience.

Essential skills, knowledge and abilities

Verbal and written fluency in Mandarin; ability to translate conversations and documents.

Bachelor or Master’s degree in a qualitative research-related field such as anthropology, psychology, sociology, communications or design research.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Experience gathering qualitative data and writing research reports and presentations from that data.

Proven ability to be a vital, active member of a team within a flexible and collaborative environment.

Preferred skills, knowledge and abilities

Proficiency with video, still photography and audio recording equipment.

Experience with video editing and/or visual storytelling. Experience with Final Cut, Adobe Premiere and After Effects preferred.

Company Description

Conifer Research is a Chicago-based research consulting firm that works for organizations across the US and overseas. We help clients gather and apply insight about consumers, workers, and business purchasers. Typically our research is applied to develop new products, services, communications, and customer relationship strategies. Our methods are drawn from cultural anthropology (ethnography), as well as rich video and photographic techniques.

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Published on 18-06-2012
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