Information Designer

at Procter & Gamble in Singapore

Procter & Gamble is scaling up a new capability focused on communicating and bringing to life human insights that inspire new ideas, new communication and new strategy. The capability has been piloted and tested with more than 20 P&G businesses and brands, and is now coming to Singapore. A key aspect of making human insights “sticky” in the company is the role of design.

We’re looking for a four designers to partner with P&G to do the following:

  • be available the week of June 9 for a two-day workshop with four P&G teams
  • skilled in information and presentation design
  • ability to bring to life data in a visual and engaging way
  • ability to bring to life consumer stories and storytelling in a mix of mediums
  • rapid, in real time design development
  • building a presentation and story with the team, 2.5 day workshop, team comes in with some pre work but is built during the workshop and presented on the 3rd day
  • experience in related fields like book illustration or design, movie or advertising storyboarding and/or production
  • experience with P&G or CPG industry a plus

The scope of the work in the short term requires that the designers attend a 2-3 hour training on Sticky Insights prior to any workshop. This is delivered live and in person at a P&G site. The designers would then work as part of a small team applying the sticky insights principles to an insight space to help them Distill down the insight, bring it to life with stories and visuals, and help the team think of creative ways to make the insight memorable, emotional, and ultimately compel people to act. This workshop lasts 2 days with a presentation on day 3 that the designers do not need to attend.

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Published on 21-05-2014
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