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Hi guys,
I'm looking for a developer / designer to work on a project I have in mind. It's an easy one, but needs to be done well :) Summary below, more details after a NDA - only Singapore please!

What I'm asking you - summary:

- Design a responsive website, (that will potentially become a Android + iOS application in the future): the website purpose will be uploading content, in the form of pictures with caption and description (memes), and interacting with them on a social basis.
- You are also asked to develop an algorithm to dynamically build a content feed that sorts those images based on relevancy signals (e.g. likes). Think about a meme-generator with a social integration.
- Similar websites/applications to be used as reference to understand features are “9gag”, Instagram, imgur.
- Lastly, it needs to be beautifully designed, simple and seamless, while powerfully built in the backend. Details to follow

Please apply ONLY if (all mandatory, sorry):
You are a well established company/individual with a portfolio of successes I can see and test. They have to be in a similar area to the project I’m requesting.
You have excellent referrals that I can check
You are willing to accept a NDA so we can discuss the full project details
You are not a mere executioner but you bring personal ideas to the table
You care about what you do. This can lead to an ongoing partnership of updates, maintenance, support etc.
You can offer a competitive price
You pay attention to detail - you read this statement and didn’t apply without checking. You will prove it to me by writing “qwerty” at the beginning of your message’ - or you will be ignored
You are in Singapore and can also sync with me outside office hours (after 6pm, on saturdays and weekends)
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Published on 08-02-2015
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