CSO, Captain of Students Engagement

at Launchpilots in China: Shanghai

About Launchpilots
Launchpilots is a marketplace connecting university students and brands through campus event sponsorships. Our mission is to provide students with the resources and opportunities to pursue their passions by providing a mutually empowering platform for students and brands to engage with each other. We just graduated from China Accelerator 2013, with brands like Red Bull and Oreo as our customers, and are supported by leading pro bono service providers like Thomson Reuters Foundation.

CSO, Captain of Students
The CSO role is designed for an energetic, multi-faceted and ambitious young person, who will lead the Student Engagement team in growing our presence to 2000+ universities across Greater China, from designing the high-level student strategy, to inspiring and coaching students to execute student sponsorship campaigns. This role is based in Shanghai.

We are looking for someone who is:

  • Passionate about students and wanting to inspire them to pursue their passions
  • Naturally talented at inspiring and rallying students to join a cause, event or organization
  • Excellent at managing, training and working side-by-side with university student leaders
  • Compelled to create efficient processes and systems to make student organizing more efficient
  • Experienced with student communications/media channels, both online and offline
  • Has a strong online presence; loves connecting with people and sharing information through social media
  • Ambitious, believes and proves that big goals are achievable when others think you’re crazy
  • Excited about embarking on an entrepreneurial journey with a mission to empower students every step of the way!

You will be in charge of everything student-related, including…

Student Marketing – 60%
Our goal in the coming year is to expand our reach to 20+ cities and 200+ campuses across China. You will be developing and executing a national marketing strategy to achieve this goal. This could include:

  • Partnership building with universities, student networks and societies
  • Developing social media channels and content

Student Operations – 20%
We are not a small, local PR agency. We are building a scalable platform with a vision to be national, and then global. So you will be working with the Technology team to develop a streamlined process and customer support infrastructure to facilitate students’ sponsorship processes.

Student Leadership – 10%
There’s a lot of work to do on the student side and you’re just one person. We expect that you’ll need to leverage other young talents, be they interns, volunteers or staff. As the CSO, you have the power to build an amazing student team – from recruitment, training to management!

Company Leadership – 10%
We’re building an awesome product and company together. The core leadership team (CSO, CTO, CBO) will be working very closely together to formulate business strategy, develop product ideas, establish success metrics and building a vibrant company culture.

Your qualifications include…

  • Former leader of one or more university student organization(s)
  • Leadership position in national or global student organizations, such as vJoin, AIESEC, CYCAN, Enactus/SIFE or others!
  • Organizer of national student events/campaigns, e.g. competitions, action days, with offline and online elements
  • Built systems/infrastructure to streamline student organizing/liaison work
  • Built partnerships with student organizations (especially student unions) and/or university departments across China
  • Native Mandarin Chinese speaker, fluent in English

Major bonus points if you have…

  • 1-3 years experience in advertising and/or brand management
  • Launched national marketing campaigns targeting the student/youth market
  • Experience working in or founding a startup company/organization
  • Skills in design and/or multimedia production – please show us examples!

Final Note:
We are not looking for an employee. We are looking for a founding team member who wants to build and lead this organization together. Together, we will develop our strategy, build our product and empower students and brands across China, Asia, and the world.

Email us at careers@launchpilots.com to discuss further about this role.

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Published on 23-09-2013
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