Senior Front-End Engineer

at Gumbuya in Singapore

Gumbuya is an Application Development Platform for the modern web. Gumbuya’s core technology is an evolution of current PaaS and BaaS services such as Parse, Firebase and lower-in-the-stack services from AWS or Microsoft. We offer a complete solution integrating tooling, APIs, runtime, hosted infrastructure, integration capabilities and inbuilt analytics all through a SaaS model.

Gumbuya was recognized as one of the worldwide top 100 companies with the most innovative technologies and business models at the Red Herring 2014 Top 100 Global Award. Our people are visionaries, bringing forth expertise from past work experience at top companies such as Google, Microsoft and KPMG, and the drive to push the boundaries of technology today.

As a Senior Front-End Engineer at Gumbuya, you will apply your near god-like JavaScript and system architecture design skills to drive the development of Gumbuya Core’s client- side platform. You will play a pivotal role in shaping the Gumbuya platform, working together with world-class engineers to change how people interact with digital information.

Job scope

  • Drive the development of Gumbuya Core’s client-side platform on top of which Gumbuya- powered applications and experiences are built
  • Write code that can transition seamlessly from browsers to NodeJS
  • Work closely with other engineers to define the APIs and protocols that governs
    communication between the front and back-end
  • Collaborate with like-minded engineers to grow a world-changing product, pushing the
    boundaries of how digital experiences are delivered today

Skills and knowledge

  • Expert in JavaScript, in large and scalable front-end architectures, with an emphasis on performance
  • Write easy to read, well abstracted code with clean interfaces
  • Ability to drive down to the smallest detail whilst keeping a firm grasp of the overarching
  • Management of asynchronous code through promises and queues
  • Experience in using modern JavaScript libraries such as RequireJS, Angular and React
  • Experience in building highly-complex front-end applications that interface with RESTful
    APIs and WebSocket endpoints
  • Object oriented as well as functional programming skills and knowledge of JavaScript
    design patterns
  • Experience with Git, continuous integration, automated tests, and build processes
  • Borderline obsessed with the end user experience, with an attention to detail to match

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Published on 28-05-2015
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