Data Wrangler

at Droste in Hong Kong

A Data Wrangler is someone who applies their smarts and some code to take data from one state and transform it into another.

This transformation can be pulling data together from different source, filtering out unwanted parts, cleaning up messy data or enriching it with another dataset.

Data wrangling is often the most time-intensive part of any data project, but this time can be cut down considerably by using some simple programming techniques.

In this internship you’ll learn how to take messy datasets from different sources and combine them into a structured database. You’ll be supervised by Mart van de Ven, Director of Droste and Data Science Instructor at General Assembly, and Bill McCord who has over 20 years of engineering experience, yet somehow still managed to stay young!


  • Some scripting experience / programming fundamentals (e.g. datatypes, loops, control flow).
  • Mild OCD – getting nervous when things “aren’t right” is a huge plus.
  • Ability to work focused and independently.
  • Experience parsing Excel and PDF files preferred.

Job Details

  • Part-time, 6 weeks, starts around 21 October.
  • Flexible hours, 10-20 hours a week.
  • We will offer a small stipend (50 HKD/h) for your efforts.
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Published on 17-10-2015
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