Freelance js developer

at Tailor-M in Hong Kong

Tailor-M is an online marketplace for people to find their personal tailor around the world. Tailor-M is based in Hong Kong, which has a long history and well-known reputation of producing high-quality affordable bespoke suits. We aim to provide the world’s creative fashion talent a platform to showcase their ability in the tailoring industry. Working professionals, grooms-to-be can find a tailor that is most suitable to them on Tailor-M.

We are now looking for a freelance js developer to help develop some new features to add onto our website.

Minimum Requirement:
A passion for programming.
Interest in reviving an industry (tailoring) which makes Hong Kong proud.

Javascript, React and GitHub

Market rate, Negotiable on a project by project basis

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Published on 23-06-2016
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