Business Development Manager/ Co-Founder Startup in Pre-Launch

at van der Bloom in Hong Kong

Startup in Pre-Launch phase is looking for a business development manager to bring our vision to life. As the founder, I am looking for a true partner who can build out the business, and help me every step of the way to make this business venture a success. Your passion and enthusiasm for the project is of upmost importance.

The company has been formed recently and is currently in pre-launch status and requires your expertise to make the eventual launch successful and grow the business to its potential. The company has a solid funding base, has a workshop, and many operational steps have been completed or are in process, including the website development.

The company is primarily an ecommerce business with an exciting twist, which we think has a lot of potential, and variants of which have been proven successful in other countries. The main product focus will be on flower bouquets, so if you enjoy or have experience in this business that would be a definitive plus. Our target customers will be primarily affluent customers as well as corporates located in Hong Kong.

As you will be with the company from the ground up, your responsibilities are widespread and include every aspect of creating, running and growing the business, and include:
•· Contact Point with Website developer on content and design
•· Strategy and Planning
•· PR/Social media/Marketing/Advertising
•· Business Process Outsourcing (Legal, Finance, Payroll)

I am looking for someone to share my enthusiasm for the project. I would consider different backgrounds, but especially experience in business development, PR or previous startup experience would especially be helpful. However, someone to get things done, is very organized, and loves to work for this project is the main requirement.

Compensation and title is negotiable, with the upside potential included by means of a fair equitable share. Flexible hours, a part-time role, work from home arrangements can all be considered. The goal is to make the company a great success, have fun, learn and enjoy the process. This is a great opportunity if you have a passion to work together and grow a startup from the ground up.
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Published on 22-10-2016
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