Accounting Associate

at Terminal 1 Limited in Hong Kong

With all the latest development in machine learning and AI, personalized recruitment service should be available to everyone at a low cost. Sadly, no one have cracked the problem yet. it’s about time.

We are a team of technologists or professionals “slash” recruiter working on building the first machine-learning readable recruitment eco-system, which are here to provide personalized end-to-end recruitment services to connect everyone with their winning team.


WORK ON A GREAT CAUSE: Be the key contributor to help startups/companies/NGOs/individual with a great vision to succeed by connecting them with the right people.

JOIN A GREAT TEAM: We are a Silicon Valley style team with fun, international, friendly and talented people who are happy to share their knowledge and skills!

WE ARE MULTIDISCIPLINARY: Accountant who wants to do design? All of us do recruitment and work on areas normally outside our domain of expertise!


You’ll be our in-house accounting star who takes care of our financial system (tax, fund raising, etc), is an important part of our product development, and be our clients’ trusted advisor.

Your day will start at your favorite café, your home, or our office, as you like. In the afternoon, you will participate in team discussions and strategic sections, work with the team to deliver high quality product and works, and with clients to develop and execute tailored recruitment initiatives.


- "If the ball's falling, catch it": There will be minimal supervision and we rely on everyone to be proactive
- Be comfortable to venture out of your profession, and be happy to experiment to figure out solutions
- A degree in accounting is a must. CPA or experience in startup financial modelling are huge pluses!
- Last but not least, fun, interesting and have a great attitude.


Visit, and signup with Linkedin to begin your application. And click on the blue widget/button at the bottom right to start chatting with us!

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Published on 18-01-2017
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