Data Scientist & Recruiter

at Terminal 1 Limited in Hong Kong

Terminal 1 is a leading HR tech company in Asia, providing affordable, high quality and personalized recruitment service to everyone via intelligent candidate-employer matching using latest engineering and machine learning approaches.

As a Data Scientist you will be responsible for analytics pipeline from data extraction and processing to model creation and result visualization. You would work on candidate-employee matching algorithms, feature engineering and actionable insights generation.

You’ll be working closely with our engineering and product teams to ensure quality of the product and system reliability.

Job requirements:

• A positive attitude and good cultural fit with our team.
• Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering or Physics.
• Hands on experience with machine learning models using Python or R.
• Good theoretical knowledge of algorithms, statistics and optimization methods.
• Experience with one of the following tools: XGboost, Torch7, Tensorflow.
• Data visualization skills: Tableau, ggplot, plotly, d3.js
• Fluency in English - you’re going to be in an international and global team.

Additional qualification:

• Kaggle Expert rank or above.
• Experience with distributed infrastructure tools: Apache Spark and one of Hive, Drill or Hawk
• An awesome portfolio or track record in Github. We do not care about previous experience, as long as you can show us what you can do.

How do you apply:

Visit, and signup with Linkedin to begin your application. And click on the blue widget/button at the bottom right to start chatting with us!

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Published on 18-01-2017
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