Senior Backend Developer

at Terminal 1 Limited in Hong Kong

We build HR technology. We are also a recruiting agency.

We don’t hire traditional recruiters. We only hire individuals who are passionate about their craft. We then train them on how to headhunt. Finally, we ask them to automate the worst parts of recruiting.

By this method, we naturally build useful products and a sales network of primed clients.


There are two important truths we believe in, that very few people agree with us on: recruiting is the most important skill you can learn and technical people can be trained to become the best recruiters.

In terms of the first, if you want to change the world or have great personal leverage, you must first be a great recruiter. One VC said every management candidate should be a great recruiter, no matter their area of expertise. Nowhere else will teach you recruiting – from engineers and for engineers.

In terms of the second, we believe the best technical candidates are insatiably curious, drawn to impact, and can learn anything. When trained, they have an incredible advantage: clients and candidates seek us for recruiting help – and insider technical advice.

The world is changing. The 21st century will be defined by scarcity of talent, not capital. Those who control that gateway will outcompete in every opportunity and sector. Join us, grow professionally, and be part of a winning team.


We don’t believe in buckets of skills or certification checkboxes. We seek individuals we’re proud to work and spend time with.

1. You’re excited to learn recruiting because you can see the future we describe. You’re ethical and seek clients you’d be proud to work for.
2. At the same time, you’re passionate about product. Recruiting can provide us industry knowledge and short-term cashflow, but only product and automation can make us valuable at-scale.
3. You were curious enough to learn the entire stack, from high-level principles of programming languages to low-level kernel scheduling. We have no doubt you can learn and pick the right tools.
4. You’re self-motivated, can prioritize well, and ship. We believe in freedom, transparency, and open allocation; not detailed plans and micromanagement.
5. You write well. Recruiting firms need to expand locations, thus we frequently work in new, remote offices. We are async first. Bonus if you like traveling.
6. Finally, you put your colleagues first. The team we build is the company we build. Let’s build something we’re incredibly proud of.


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Published on 18-01-2017
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