Pet Sitter

at PetBacker in Hong Kong

Do you have pets or had pets before?
Are you passionate and knowledgeable about animals like dogs or cats?
Do you strive to ensure that Pets have the best in life?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, you may be a perfect fit for the PetBacker

PetBacker users are Pet Lovers and owners who want their babies to have a ‘cage free’ pet boarding and to get high standard services in the company of a Pet Sitter who can offer more personal attention and the type of unique, caring experiences that they won’t find with commercial hotels or pet shops

At PetBacker, your services can reach Pet Parents searching for Pet Sitters in your location. We have a straightforward online booking system that helps you handle Pet Parents’ requests, and we manage all payments so you can spend your time focusing on caring, loving and playing with animals

Once you are accepted as a Backer, your obligations are:

· To personally deliver the services you've agreed to do in a friendly, professional manner

· To respond quickly (within 24 hours) and professionally to customer inquiries and booking requests

· To keep your availability and account up to date

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Published on 10-08-2017
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